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Earn your Diplomate in International Financial Reporting Standards (DipIFRS®) credentials and unlock opportunities worldwide.
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Gain expertise in complex financial reporting standards with our DipIFRS® certification program.
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Position yourself for career advancement and take the next step in your professional journey with DipIFRS® certification.
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Your gateway to mastering global financial reporting standards and advancing your career in the finance industry.

About DipIFRS®:

The Diplomate in International Financial Reporting Standards (DipIFRS®) is a prestigious certification program designed for finance professionals seeking to master the complexities of international financial reporting standards. Developed and administered by leading industry experts, DipIFRS® provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and recognition needed to excel in the global finance industry.

Why Choose DipIFRS®:

Global Recognition

Gain international recognition with a DipIFRS® certification that is respected and valued by employers worldwide.

Expert-Led Training

Benefit from expert-led training sessions and comprehensive study materials designed to prepare you for success in the DipIFRS® exam.

Career Advancement

Position yourself for career advancement and unlock new opportunities in the finance industry with a prestigious qualification.

Flexible Learning Options

Choose from a variety of flexible learning options, including online courses and self-study materials, to fit your schedule and learning preferences.

Join a Global Network

Connect with industry professionals and experts in international financial reporting through our DipIFRS® community.

Master the Language of Finance

Gain mastery over international financial reporting standards and elevate your career to new heights with DipIFRS®. Our comprehensive certification program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence.

Our Services:

Certification Programs

Enroll in our DipIFRS® certification program and gain the expertise to navigate international financial reporting standards with confidence.

Training Courses​

Access expert-led training courses and workshops designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in financial reporting.

Study Materials​

Explore our comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, practice exams, and online resources, to help you prepare for the DipIFRS® exam.

Networking Events

Join our networking events, conferences, and webinars to connect with fellow finance professionals and industry experts.

Ready to take your finance career to the next level? Join the ranks of finance professionals worldwide who have earned their DipIFRS® certification and are making an impact in the global finance industry.
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“This course refreshes my knowledge and exposures in various accounting standards that I had learned 12 years ago, when I took up my CPA review. This learning experience would definitely my weapon to become a more competent financial controller of a company. Thanks.”

Rodel Mendoza
Assistant Financial Controller, KEB Philippines, Inc.
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“I love this class, I love the way how the topics were presented and how I was able to share ideas with best of best.”

Cecilie Rondilla
Accountant, China Thread Development Co. Ltd.
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“The program made me knowledgeable of the latest updates in the accounting standards and taught me its application in the industry practice. It also gave me a chance to meet new colleagues in our profession.”

Noreen F. Anyayahan
Accounts Management Specialist, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
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Recognized globally in navigating complex financial reporting standards. Join the ranks of certified professionals and unlock new opportunities in the global finance industry.


Gain access to a thriving community of finance professionals, expert resources, and networking opportunities designed to accelerate your career in financial reporting.